Holidays in Moscow, business trip or a weekend getaway in any of these cases, the question arises: where to stay in the capital, and even so cheap, and nice? The best for the money option – to stay with relatives or friends. But this is not always convenient that people are tired of the regulars, they have their own life. Therefore, if acquaintances in Moscow, there is no one specifically and you can't stop calling, it is better to choose another budget option for accommodation. Fortunately, they are in the capital a lot.


A hostel is a cross between a budget hotel and a hostel. Usually the hostel has several rooms with different number of beds. The biggest room can contain 10 or even 20 seats, equipped with bunk beds. But there is room and smaller, and many hostels can be booked and a double room. The price of each bed depends on the number of seats in the room. So, a room with a large number of guests are only about 500 rubles per night, while a double room will be comparable to the cost of a night in a hotel.

In addition to bed hostels offer a fairly large number of services: they have a kitchen where you can at any time to prepare hot food, common room, equipped with computers, Internet, TV. Here you can have a good time in the evenings, talking with other guests, reading or playing games. In addition, the hostels should be equipped with bath and shower, place for washing. Hostels are an excellent refuge for young people from different countries, so it's fun, comfortable and cheap to spend time in a strange city.

Rented apartment

This option is more expensive than a hostel, but not around crowds of strangers and you can safely come and go from the apartment whenever you want. In addition, the apartments to rent profitable group of people, because the fee is not for the number of guests, and only for the number of nights in the apartment and the hosts rarely too strictly monitored, how many people live in their housing.

The apartment for a few nights can be booked remotely over the Internet before the trip by contacting directly to the landlord or to the Agency. And you can find when you already arrive in the city. A lot of flats at reasonable prices to offer older people at railway stations and stations. However, if you are afraid of running into scams, it's better this way to find property to refuse.


Help save and smaller hotels are usually located away from the busy highways and downtown. The cost of a night in a hotel will be much less than in a big hotel. However, have to get to the hotel by metro, and to the city centre will need to drive every day, but the Moscow metro is fast, and the stations are fairly close to each other, so that the transportation does not become a problem.