Travel – the best vacation

Russian pensioners are not traveling as frequently as people of their age living in Europe or the United States. The reason is a too small pension. However, if financial capabilities allow, they are happy to travel (within Russia and beyond its limits.

There are special tours for seniors, which enjoy great demand and popularity among the elderly. Travel companies offer reduced prices that are manageable even for people with low income. For example, tours of the Golden ring or steamship tour along the Volga with a value from 2 to 6 thousand rubles. Popular bus and train tours to Saint-Petersburg for 3-5 days. The cost of this trip – about 9 thousand roubles. This ticket in the national museums of Russian retirees are sold at a discount, than they are also happy to use while travelling.

In summer, demand vacation on the black sea coast in Crimea and the Krasnodar territory. For example, popular places like Vityazevo, Anapa, novomykhailivka, Gelendzhik and so a Trip there can arrange almost all travel agencies. In certain hotels for seniors discount system. To save some Russian pensioners prefer to travel "savages". In this case we have to stop living in the private sector that gives you the opportunity to save on meals by cooking. However, not all older people are shown like rest.

Holiday abroad

For those wishing to go abroad firms develop these tours, during which pensioners are under medical supervision. It is a popular destination among retirees, because it is convenient, safe and affordable. Firms choose excursions that do not require special physical stress and a short time. But that is interesting and varied. In addition, the retirees during such a trip have the opportunity to meet people your age. And this is important, since many older people suffer from loneliness and are searching for new friends.

The price is affordable. For example, a trip to the Hungarian "water-edge" costs an average of 24 thousand roubles for 18 days. A visit to the Polish "mountain land" worth 21 thousand in 18 days. These are the most popular routes among the elderly.

With the acute shortage of funds

Those pensioners who can't afford a trip abroad or even in Russia, makes a save bike. Summer Cycling is not only enjoyable, but also beneficial to health. You can go on a bike for the city or within the city to the Park. This is a good pastime. You can often see Moscow pensioners in Cycling in Kuskovo. According to statistics, Russian tourists in the retirement age can be found anywhere in the world, as well as anywhere in Russia.