Different people bite their nails for different reasons. In the vast majority of cases, the cause is nervous tension. In another case - focused thinking, any decision. Suppressed aggression, and aimed at himself, is also a cause of laceration of the nail. Some people bite their nails simply because they are in their way. As the causes of the habit is psychological in nature, it is best to consult a qualified psychologist. But you can get rid yourself of this habit, for which there are several ways.

As soon as there is another impulse to chew the nails, take a break, get some useful. If the nibble nails helps you focus, try to replace them with something else. Biting his toothpick, fruit or vegetable. Start to care of the nails, do the manicure – beautiful nails smooth is a pity to spoil. You can also do extensions - acrylic or gel nail hard to bite. You can smear the nails with something bitter (iodine, mustard). Be dipped in saline solution or scratched their soap.

Try less nervous, treat life philosophically. This will help you a walk in the fresh air, calming teas, relaxing baths. Physical exercise will also help to distract from the negative class. Buy a bitter nail Polish and constantly cover them with nails. Carry a nail file to a fallen nail from too much to handle without resorting to biting. If you have enough will power, put the case to control. Watch your actions, come up with a system of penalties for every gnawed fingernail. Ask your friends to beat your hands when you bite your nails. To abandon this habit for medical reasons. The nails in humans is not sterile, so you can bring any infection.