Styles of men's shirts

There are three main types of men's shirts in cut: classic, slim and loose.

The classic type of shirts are worn mostly with a business suit and tie. Often a classic shirt you should buy bright colors. In many countries, business etiquette even forbids to wear in a business setting dark shirts.

The classic cut is suitable for almost any type of shape, so most men choose this style - a win-win.

Slim fit shirt slim men of a sports Constitution. However, this style should be selected very carefully, so it won't look too narrow. In this shirt you can go to a party or meeting, under her perfect skinny tie.

Loose shirt is the most practical. They are suitable for almost any occasion. If the free cut is allowed, so the shirt was 1-2 sizes more freely shape men. It is best to choose a blue shirt or blue and also in a cage.

It is desirable that the wardrobe was a shirt simply style for work and business meetings, also a few shirts in a traditional cell for active leisure and everyday life, and a couple of silk shirts in bright colors for meetings with friends and parties.

Gates and storm flap and cuffs

The collar "shark" ends are pointed and wide apart. This style is perfect for a classic suit. However, this gate is not suitable for men with a short neck. Visually, this style of shirt with a tie make neck even more massive.

Shirts with collars "Kent" are considered universal. This swing gate with long sharp angles that look down. These shirts never go out of fashion.

Batten down is a fold-over collar, the edges of which are fastened to the shirt. This style can be worn without a tie.

For special occasions perfect shirt collar "butterfly". This is a stand-up collar with pointed edges, which are slightly deflected. Under this kind of shirt suits bow tie.

Thick collar, wide turn-down edges that do not touch the shirts, called "Varna". Shirts with this style gate is perfect for casual dining. That is, they are best to wear under a sweater.

Classic gate – called "Mandarin". It should tightly cover the neck. These shirts are usually worn only under a jacket.

The gate, which is missing top button, called "Vario". The best option for the informal situation. For such a gate suitable tie with a large volume site.

A wide gate of rectangular shape, the edges of which are looking downwards, is called "Crombie". In a business wardrobe this style of shirts to wear recently.

Collar tab is compulsory to wear a tie. The edge of the collar of this style have a connection in the form of a fabric buckle.

The clasp on the shirts is of three types: regular, placket and suparna (secret).

Cuff is an essential element of men's shirts. The cuffs come with buttons or cufflinks.