Why you need a chess statement

The chess statement is made in the form of a table. Its horizontal periods are assigned for records in synthetic accounts to be debited, the vertical column is designed to record on credited accounts. Total amount (turnover) of all transactions in these accounts are recorded at the intersections of rows and columns. Double reflection of operations with a single entry. Unlike a simple turnover sheet, chess contains not just the RPMs for each synthetic account, but their terms. Using this document, you can verify the correctness and completeness of accounts records, to detect errors in correspondence, accounts, and also to see the economic substance of the conducted business transactions.

In some cases in a chess statement can include with the momentum balances of synthetic accounts, such a document is called a chess balance. It is used in organizations that do not provide for preparation of working capital statements. The disadvantages of a chess statement is its complexity and the difficulty of drawing so it is not used in all forms of accounting. The principle of chess records is used to build accounting records, particularly in journal-order form of accounting, it is allowed to reduce the amount of work.

Filling chess statements

The chess statement should be filled on the basis of the transaction log that contains all transaction. For a small enterprise is using a chess statement in the approved form No-9. The document opens on the first day of each month. Horizontally are the numbers of the statements in ascending order, the vertically - accounts in ascending order. Accounting of business operations for a small business ends at the end of the month by calculating the amount of the outcome on the turnover in the used statements and the obligatory transfer in a chess statement. It is filled by transfer of credit turnover from other statements while they are posted to the debit of corresponding accounts.

At the end of the posting you want to calculate the turnover amount of debit for each account. It should be equal to the debit turnover, reflected on this account in the respective statement. The total of the debit each account is summed, the total must be equal to the total amount of turnover on credit scores. Amount received should be equal to the sum of the momentum balances. Use for accounting for special programs such as "1C:Enterprise", allows you to generate the final balances automatically. The chess statement can be withdrawn for analysis for any period of time.