How to tango

In tango the man leads. Therefore, the key to success in teaching the dance to find a partner of kindred spirit. Relax and tune in a positive way. The most important thing to remember novice dancer: mistakes in the tango not happen. You can move faster or slower than planned, you can skip movement and prostate on the spot. Most importantly — facial expressions, straight back, lifted chin, and eye contact with your partner.

Remember that tango is not just dance is a wordless communication between man and woman, participating in it. Therefore, it is important to feel the partner, to understand him and to help. A woman needs to relax and let the man behave. But the young man should not be ashamed to show the charisma and passion to the lady.

The basic moves

Most importantly, select music. Listen to it together with your partner and learn how to count the beat, separating the four accounts. Try to walk around the room to the music, changing direction. It is important that the man and woman walked with the same speed, getting into the tempo of the selected song.

When moving in the rhythm of tango a woman should feel like a Panther, smoothly and gracefully sneaking in the right direction. The head is thus turned to the right. Head is also looking left.

Watch where you carry the weight. It should be located in the front part of the foot. Straighten your stronger leg than during normal walking.

To begin your dance, stand facing each other. Right hand straight in the side along with a man's hand, while the left rests on his shoulder. Look into each other's eyes for a few seconds. Then, slightly bending your knees and jerked his head start to move.

A woman can throw one leg over the other partner. But it should be done gracefully and beautifully. Make beautiful twists and lunges to the side.

Hands can also change the position. Partner can hold your hand on the neck of the woman who can embrace her waist or hand, from shoulder down the arm ladies.

To create playfulness and intrigue in the dance, the woman could quickly go in the opposite direction from the partner, and then to return. The man from time to time releases his lady, and then gently, and sometimes, even rude attracts, showing the fullness of the senses and passion for a selected woman. The audience should feel the emotion and feeling of movement.