Dahlias are related to tall varieties, usually grown in single stem ( the trunk of the plant). In the process of growth of dahlias throw a lot of laterals (future flower stalks), so these varieties all stepchildren pinch off the main stem (trunk) at a distance of 20-30cm from the ground.
Above leave the top 2-3 stepson on the trunk, which will be the main future shoots of flower stems.
If plants do not break the stepchildren, it greatly expands and forms many weak stems with small underdeveloped buds, there is a delay of flowering. Besides, timely pursued the removal of laterals, encourages earlier flowering dahlias.

Removal of laterals from the stem of a Dahlia
The dahlias that stand out as a strong ability to form a large leaf mass, and you can remove the lower leaves on the main stem of the plant. It promotes good ventilation helps to prevent from fungal diseases and best promotion power-up.
If the grower aims - to grow flowers for sale, exhibitions, continue to pasynkovat excess flower buds. The dahlias flower-bearing stem forms three ovaries (Bud). The main leader has a short peduncle, its generally clean. One of the side buds left. It will give a better quality cut.
There are varieties of releasing not three, but more stalks. Of them also choose the leader, removing excess buds.
Removal of excess flower buds
High dahlias form a very powerful bushes, so as to avoid breaking fragile stems of the plant to tie to the support. Dahlia - giants with flowers 20-25cm in diameter, form 1-2 stalks, leaving the plant a few flower buds.