Advice 1: How much for the kitten breed of usher

Asher is considered one of the most prestigious of Pets, which, considering its price, it can be called a luxury. However, scientists have proved that usher is the same as the Savannah cat...
How much for the kitten breed of usher
Cat breed Asher is one of the most expensive breeds... being a Scam. According to the "founders" of the breed, the cost of one kitten is in the range of 20 000 — 27 000 $ (700 000 — 900 000 in rubles ). In the US, they supposedly are cheaper because that is where their "divorce".

However, the Creator of the breed Savannah learned in the "usher" of their Pets, and DNA examination confirmed: cats issued for unique Asher, are the savannas. However, the cost of this not much has changed.

The Savannah breed is difficult in her veins flows the blood of an African Serval and a domestic cat. That is, Savannah is a neat home predator, which absorbed all the beauty of a wild predator and flexible home humming.

Kittens of the first generation can be bought for an average price of about 16 000 (760 000). However, with each offspring Savannah is likely to become increasingly like the domestic cat, losing its exotic rapacity (if only Savannah to keep with the wild Serval). Therefore, the offspring will be cheaper. The second generation: 10 500 — 11 500 Euro (500 000 — 550 000 rubles), the third generation 4 000 — 4 500 Euro (190 000 — 213 000 rubles), the fourth 3 000 — 3 500 Euro (142 500 — 166 000 rubles), the fifth — about 2,500 euros (119,000 rubles). Girls are more expensive.

The appeal of savannas can understand that small Pets leopard, which you can walk down the street on a leash. In the length of its oblong body can reach 60 — 130 cm, weight — 15 kg. The neck is extended, in a small neat head, large rounded ears. Dense, short, Golden or chocolate wool decorated with spots-rosettes — just like in the wild leopards. The long tail is to add "smile" carnivorous, with fangs of yours.

The nature of the Savannah flexible and smart, easy to get along with other Pets, love to play, walk and not afraid of water. They are friendly and attached to his master. Love the attention to himself. Health them strong. This is in addition to natural beauty, several factors speaking in favor of this darling cat. However, the Internet can still be found the announcement of the sale and purchase of "mythological" usher, which is likely to be the same Savannah.

Advice 2: How to call a purebred kitten

To ensure that the family will be a little kitten with a fluffy ancestry, family members start to prepare in advance. It is necessary to prepare the place where he will sleep and eat, to buy kitchen utensils, toys. But the name of the new family member will need to choose after kitty will appear in the house.
How to call a purebred kitten
There are rules how to name a purebred kitten, which adhere to the breeders. They give all the kittens born from one cat, a name that starts with sequential letters of the alphabet assigned around the litter. In nurseries dialed extensive database of cat names, so the names can be very intricate. The name given to a kitten from a breeder, appears in his pedigree. It is used when cat is to participate in exhibitions, and will be referred to in the documents of descendants. Home can you name an animal according to your preferences.
Nickname kitten select such that it was quite brief, succinct and expressive. It should be easy to talk to, if you're going to call your pet. It is therefore not necessary to name the kitten something ambiguous or obscene name – suddenly you have to look for it on the street and need to say it loud enough.
Avoid to call him the human names, though Vaska, Frosya and Musya are quite common. It is better to use foreign names, or those that correspond to the "nationality" of his breed. Well, if the nickname will reflect any peculiarities about its appearance, character or temperament. Much of course depends on the sex of your kitten.
Keep in mind that over time, small, funny and touching fluffy ball can grow into magnificent, stately, handsome or beautiful. Consider the breed characteristics, the nature of its members. Therefore, it is better to let the nickname of "room for growth" given the fact that after six months, your pet radically change your appearance and behavior.
The optimal kitten will be an original name that consists of two or three syllables, in which the sounds of hissing. Good will: the Boss, Porsche, Bess, Boss, sherry, ASTA, Teffi. You can use the nickname in the nursery, which consists of several words, and rename, for example, the Marquis Wilhelm von Struca Third in Willie or Strauss.
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