You will need
  • - fresh apricots 1.5 kg;
  • - Apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp;
  • - sugar 50 g;
  • - chicken Breasts 600 g;
  • - sunflower oil 6 tbsp;
  • - salt to your taste;
  • chicken broth 3 cups (you can use vegetable);
  • - onions 1 head;
  • - a little spice.
Slice the chicken Breasts thoroughly and marinate in spices. Next, carefully remove the seeds from the apricots, sprinkle with sugar and pour vinegar. Then leave them 12 minutes to marinate. Then put to cook rice.

Take a large frying pan, pour oil and fry the sliced meat until Golden brown. Next, lay out it on a small plate. Finely slice the onion and sauté it in the pan.

When the onion is browned, add to the pan 3 cups tasty chicken broth (you can substitute vegetable). The bow needs a little stewed in the broth, make a small fire. Next, place a third of the finished pickled apricots in blender, make puree.
The resulting puree put in a pan, stir and add salt to taste and pepper. Leave the sauce on 17 minutes, make a small fire, do not forget to stir. When the sauce is almost ready, put there chicken meat and apricots that were left.

Stir, cover and leave on heat for another 7 minutes. Garnish this aromatic dish, prepare boiled rice.