Apple Store

You can buy the iPad 4 at the official online store of Apple. Also, the device can be purchased from authorized dealers of Apple products in Russia, ' which can also be found on the official website.

Called the IPad 4 in Apple store is "iPad with Retina display". The cost of the device starts from 14990 R. for the base wifi version with 16 GB. This device will not have the possibility of installing the SIM and on the device it will be impossible to use a 3G or 4G Internet. IPad with cellular networking will be the cost 19990 p. for the 16 GB version. Package of the device ordered website, includes cable (Lightning) and an adapter to connect to mains electricity.
When ordering you also have the chance to do free laser engraving and wrap the device in a gift box, if you want to give purchased iPad as a gift.

Other stores

The cost of iPad 4 in other Internet stores starting from 14,500 b. In major hypermarkets of electronics, for example, "M. Video" the unit is sold at the official price 14990 R. Internet-shop "NYX" offers the tablet with a Wi-Fi module for 15700 R. with free delivery. All offers on iPad with Retina display, you can explore the popular resource "Yandex.Market", which is a list of all online stores and hypermarkets, which represent the device. You can also find the right store according to your location and to purchase apparatus. Version of the tablet with support of cellular networks will cost an average of 19990 R., and on the Apple website.

Other online stores you can also purchase the iPad 4 with memory 32, 64 and 128 GB of memory, which had been discontinued, but still available in some stores. The version with 32 GB will cost about 19000 p. 64 GB, the user will have to pay about 20000 R.; price version of 128 GB can be on average 22000 p.
For iPad with support for data transfer over cellular networks will have to pay a large sum 23000, 25000 and 26000 for 32, 64 and 128 GB respectively.

For comparison, the recent newer models of iPad Air starts from 19990 for the version without 4G with 16 GB of internal memory. Multiplication of available memory in 2 times increases the cost of the device by about 4000 p. Thus, the version of the iPad Air with 128 GB will cost 31990 R. at the prices Apple. iPad support data transmission over cellular networks will cost the user on average for 5,000 rubles. more expensive than the WiFi version Only, i.e. the most inexpensive device of 16 GB with support for 4G will cost 24990 RV

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