There is a science – chronobiology, which studies the conditions of occurrence, the nature, patterns and significance of biological rhythms, and the relationship between biorhythms and human health.

Chronobiology that studies the relationship between circadian rhythm of the human body and the effects of cosmetic products, the result of years of research proved that the skin response to the application of these drugs depends not only on their composition, quality, the manufacturer, but also on the time of day when you apply cosmetics. It is not as important whether you are using a homemade face mask from simple ingredients, trapped under the hand of the woman, or the mask is applied in an expensive beauty salon, the main thing is to do it in the maximum effective time.

From 16 to 18 hours – that's the most "Golden" time for cosmetic procedures. Facial cleansing, application of nourishing creams and other beauty treatments, it is also desirable to do at this time. It appears, from 16 to 18 hours respiratory system and the human circulatory system works most actively, which contributes to the beneficial effects of cosmetic preparations on the skin.

Try to follow this simple advice and you will see how you pohorosheet by cosmetic procedures done in the "correct" time.