Advice 1: How to bot on hair dryer

Fenya is a thieves ' jargon. From the Russian literary language Fenya differs so much that the average person is difficult to understand what was going on. Even the phrase "bot on hair dryer" (that is, to speak thieves ' slang) for the uninitiated, that sounds completely incomprehensible.
How to bot on hair dryer

A bit of history

It is believed that the creators give a damn about was a wandering street vendors ofen, which during the middle Ages has created his own peculiar secret language, incomprehensible to representatives of other social groups. Later Fenya was adopted by the lumpen – strolling musicians, prostitutes, beggars, representatives of the criminal environment. In our day, Fenya is slang prison-the criminal world. Fenya gives you the opportunity not only to hide from prying ears the meaning, but to distinguish "their" from "them."

Fenya, strictly speaking, is not a complete language because it has its own grammar and phonetic system. However, her vocabulary is so specific that is interpreted literally as a foreign language. And in order to master this jargon, you need to spend efforts is almost the same as for learning a foreign language. And that is with high probability a real native speaker of that language "will buy the fake" - will feel that the other person is not a representative of the criminal world.

In Russia to study Fenya began in the nineteenth century. First and foremost, interested in the thieves ' slang of law enforcement officers – law enforcement's need to understand the language of the underworld. But linguists do not overlook this jargon: many reputable researchers have dedicated their work, and a film was even called Fenya "thug music."

How to study?

Today there are many dictionaries of prison slang, most of them can be found on the Internet. A bawdy words and expressions are part of everyday life of an ordinary, even intelligent people, therefore, give a damn about how the secret language is gradually disappearing. However, Fenya in our day allows these speakers to accurately identify their.

Prisoners can be divided into two categories. The first group is "criminals", "gang". It true bearers of the prison of language, they use not care of course. Often they just do not know how to Express their thoughts differently. The second group is "passengers", that is, people think Fenya want or need. At least understand Fenya they start quite quickly, but use it as a foreign language, when there is a need to define strictly the prison concept. Separately, you can select "ablation" - people who want to adopt slang to become their prison in the world. However, the latter is not respected "fellowship."

There are two ways to learn how to bot on hair dryer. The first and most reliable way is to become a part of the prison – the criminal world. However, if you don't want to the winds for the sake of this doubtful pleasure, you can learn Fenya dictionary.

Basically, Fenya consists of warped and twisted the words of the Russian language. But a word got into the criminal slang from other languages, primarily of Yiddish and Ukrainian.

Fraer. Freiheit – freedom). In the criminal world people are divided into their ("thieves"), and of pigeons – the people, not sitting in prison and not related to the thieves.

Empty drive (from Ukr. empty - empty). The expression was adopted from the Ukrainian railroad slang, which is meant to "distill an empty train.

Shmonat (from the Hebrew. shakedown – eight) – to search. Before the revolution searches in the prison began at 8 PM.

Parasha (from the Hebrew. Paracha – rider) – a prison toilet.

Trash (from the Hebrew. Moser – a traitor) – a policeman.

Goof (from the Hebrew. logout – greedy) is a real or potential victim of a thief, a swindler; a gullible person.

Advice 2: How to say hair dryer

Fenya is a type of slang, originally invented in Russia traveling merchants who wanted to hide their conversations from outsiders. Currently it is used by persons serving their sentence in "places not so remote." Fenya became the element that distinguishes those who are in any way involved in the criminal world, people outside the law. Being such an interesting language element, Fenya attracts many people with its etymology and simply by the unavailability of a simple man. So how is it to learn how to say hair dryer?
How to say hair dryer
Write the key words that you would like to say on the hair dryer. It can be common words used in life. For most of them in the hair dryer is replaced. So just build your basic vocabulary and write these phrases on paper. Better to let these phrases be a little at first, over time you will increase their number. This will greatly facilitate the process of memorising on the hair dryer.
Download or buy in the store a dictionary of criminal slang, Argo or of course give a damn about. As you can see, the names (and self) for the same concepts invented a lot, so prepare in advance for hard work, similar to learning a foreign language, with the only difference that the letter and pronunciation you learn will not have.
Take a sheet of commonly used phrases that you compiled in step 1. Find an equivalent for each word of each phrase in the dictionary. Then assemble these words into a single phrase. For example, the most common phrase for the so-called aliens and first time staying in a prison, not more than a foreigner there), the phrase "do you speak the lingo?". The translation is very simple – "got all the jargon?". In the same way translate each phrase and say it aloud to remember. This will lay the Foundation for the study of FeNi in your mind. Examples of phrases: "push the empty" - "to talk nonsense"; "the suit lay" - "it happened"; "hammer tanks" - "to lie, diverting attention from the essence".
Fenya study systematically, because, as mentioned earlier, the jargon is a foreign language. Repeat re-examined every day and try to make monologues. And, of course, try to communicate with the media – for example, with a former criminal element. Surely he will give you many valuable tips on the study give a damn, just be careful and don't try to go for her, it could be dangerous.
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