The inclusion in the contract conditions about the period of its validity means that an employee can be fired at the end of this term. However, if the term of the agreement has expired and the employee continues to work and the employer has not stated the dismissal of an employee, the employment contract ceases to be urgent and has the force of a contract concluded for an indefinite period.

To conclude an employment contract for a fixed term is possible in the case when the nature of work or conditions for its implementation do not allow the employer to issue the employment relationship for an indefinite period. The maximum period for which may be urgent labour agreement is 5 years. You should consider that the contract does not contain an indication of the duration, is concluded for an indefinite period.

The cases in which it is permitted to conclude a fixed-term contract:

- to perform the job duties for the employee who is temporarily absent;

- for the implementation of temporary works (no more than 2 months);

- seasonal work;

- to work in an organization that was established for a definite period;

- other cases stipulated by the labor legislation.

By agreement between the employee and the employer fixed-term employment contract may be concluded without regard to the nature of the work with the following categories of persons:

- with old-age pensioners or those workers who for health reasons can do the job temporarily. Such workers Express truthlover can conclude that employers - small businesses (including, and SP), which employ more than 35 people (retail - 20);

- persons who arrived to the far North for work;

- persons who are to perform work on preventing emergency situations, katostrofy, etc.;

with the creative workers;

- students who undergo training full-time;

- other categories of persons stipulated by labor legislation.