Black leather jacket: popular combinations

Black short leather jacket – the Queen among the other models. She looks great in tandem with jeans of various colors and styles, helping to make the ensemble impressive. To complement the "universal soldier" in this combination can be a simple top, surround scarf, big bag and shoes to match.

Wear a leather jacket of black color, you can also with tight leggings or leggings. Under the clothing, wear the sweater with geometric print longline top or shirt. Shoes pick up depending on weather conditions. If it's warm, suitable ballet shoes or shoes. For cooler days, choose suede ankle boots, sneakers or high boots.

Black leather jacket looks great in contrasting material combinations. For example, with a light chiffon dress or a silk tunic. The ensemble work is romantic and bold at the same time. To the dress, add thick opaque tights and boots without heels wide shaft.

Leather jacket will become a true highlight style black total look. However, he can be as sharp and decisive, and calm. To create the first image put on a leather jacket with pants or leggings from the same material. In the second case will fit skinny black pants and a bold bustier top or pullover.

Brown leather jacket: resolute elegance

The second is a brown leather jacket. This color makes outerwear more democratic and peaceful. This jacket is the perfect option for creating stylish and elegant image.

Brown leather jacket will look perfect with things warm colours. For example, with a beige sweater dress, orange tunic or mustard t-shirt. As the bottom suitable milk leggings, skinny khaki pants, denim classic blue hue.

The tranquillity of the traditional brown color does not disappear in a leather option. Therefore, the jacket can be safely combined with things of bright colors. For example, turquoise, sapphire, coral dresses or emerald/purple pants. The conflict will not work, if you give up accessories or pick up products to match the jacket.

The road color: what to wear with a bright leather jacket

In recent years become popular leather jackets of bright colors. Increasingly you see them on the stars of the first magnitude. It should be noted that the color of the jacket is the most difficult for combination products.

A relatively simple options – red leather jacket. Best of all it will look with things beige, black, gray shades. Bright product the fit and other colors. For example, Kristen Stewart, added a red leather jacket with graphite top and tight dark blue jeans.

Bright colors uneven breathing Jessica Alba. For your wardrobe, the actress chose a leather jacket saturated pink. Complement it the girl the simplest things: a white t-shirt, blue jeans with faded and white oversized sneakers. Another time, Alba has created a less casual look, wearing a leather jacket emerald color with a black jumpsuit made from lightweight fabric and sandals heels.

But Kim Kardashian opted for a much shorter leather model orange. Under a jacket the famous girl wore a long white top made of light fabric and grey skinny jeans. Made a bold graphite high heel shoes.