Enchanted books have many advantages. The fact is that when overlaying the enchantment on the enchanting table on the result, you can affect practically can't. Spell there are quite a large number, so it is easy to ruin a valuable diamond tools not the effect. Spell books are imposed too randomly, but when they transfer a book on the thing you are completely in control of the process.
Enchanted books can be done by yourself using the enchanting table. For this you need to make the actual book made of paper and leather. Paper is created from cane, and leather is produced by cows. In addition to books, you need experience. It can be obtained by killing enemies, hunting animals and mining precious resources (coal, iron, red stone, etc.). Experience is measured in levels, it is desirable to have at least fifteen to seventeen levels.
Open the interface for the enchantment table, put in only the active slot of a conventional book. Select how many levels of experience you want to spend on the spell. This can be done using the three buttons displayed in the upper right corner. Numbers denote the number of levels required to obtain the spell, the symbols next to them are not meaningful. After choosing an ordinary book turns into an enchanted (shiny and red ribbon). Hover over it to see what spell was it imposed. If the result does not suit you, you will have to spend more experience to enchant another book.
Having a book with the right spell, go to the anvil. You have to be willing tool, weapon or armor to transfer enchantments. Place the selected item (in the left cell) and need a enchanted book (the right cell) on the anvil. Then you will see how much experience you need to transfer the char. It usually takes not very much experience. If you have enough, take the enchanted item from the corresponding slot and use it.