Means of communication in psychology

In psychology under the communication understand the communication from person to person. Means of communication are verbal and nonverbal. The first category includes speech and writing, that is, those areas in which information is transmitted by words. Non-verbal means of communication – sign language, drawing, pictographic letter, etc. by means of communication people can convey not only knowledge but also emotions.

Means of communication in the media sphere

The concept of communication, which was adopted in the field of media, has quite a lot in common with that used by psychologists. Here we are talking also about the transmission of information. However, the media covers a large group of people. To reach the desired groups help technical resources – radio and TV transmitters, computers, mobile phones, etc. Because the information is transmitted immediately to large groups, this communication is called mass. Mass communication can be verbal, non-verbal or mixed.

The first is, for example, radio. All other means of mass communication can be called mixed, because they combine verbal and non-verbal method of transmission. For example, in the television show used the picture captions, and picture news stories often complement the photo or picture. In the modern world, the role of mass communications is constantly increasing, and they change gradually, with the development of technology. For quite a long period of human history the primary means of mass communication were messengers and heralds, which allowed to simultaneously transmit information to a maximum of several hundred people. In the modern world about an important event for any few minutes can know the entire population of Earth.

Communication in urban planning and military Affairs

Slightly different meaning of the term "means of communication" the builders and the military. In this case we are talking about the relationship between the individual objects. In fact, it is also communication, but is not only transmitted information. In this case, often use the term "communication network". In urban planning it is water, sewage, heating systems, gas network, telephone and others. The military, under the means of communication understand the life-support system, primarily roads and communications.