The identification of the causes of social phobia

According to psychologists, the main cause of fear of communicating with people, especially with strangers, is a feeling of uncertainty for the reason that are unlikely to guess the outcome of this conversation and whether it will you. A very important role here is played by self-doubt.

Of course, you can try to imagine the outcome of the communication, but if you have problems with self-esteem, to make an objective analysis of the situation you will be quite difficult. You will probably to over-dramatize events. Thus, out of fear, you will be able to avoid any contact with others, and that's more going to make it worse, because you deprive yourself of needed experience.

The result is a true vicious circle – no communication, no experience. If no experience, then there is a desire to avoid any contact with people.

Exit only one – to leave their comfort zone and try to start somehow to make contact. No need to rush to a whirlpool with a head, for starters, you can do a number of exercises, but if the situation gets out of control, make an appointment to a psychologist.

From theory to practice

One of the ways to overcome social anxiety can be called "Bus". Sit on any route. On the bus, go to the conductor, and if that was not there, start a conversation with any of the passengers. Ask where a bus goes, what streets, what time you will be in a certain spot and so on. In this situation, you absolutely risk nothing. No matter is whether you built it or you did something wrong. No one will pay attention to it.

The other way is "shopping". Go to a big shop, for example, household appliances, going to call to his assistant and begin to question him about the characteristics of certain goods. Create a story for, let's say that you choose a washing machine or dryer and proceed to the survey. Come with all responsibility to the alleged selection of the desired product. If you don't like something, try to politely decline the seller or, conversely, if you're really interested, give a positive evaluation. So you'll also learn how to say "Yes" and "no".

One of the methods to start communicating with people - "telephone call". With him to start, when talking with another person makes you a real horror or you are afraid of people. In this case, all communication will take place over the telephone, so at any convenient for you moment you can just hang up.

Armed with a phone book and start calling different organizations. Ask what they do, what their mode of operation. In the course of information you have in mind, will probably occur, and other issues. Most likely, then you will realize that talking to people is not as difficult and many of them don't want to offend you. Then from a phone call you go to the live communication.