Prepare everything for drawing: pencil and eraser, paper and pens. Place before him the instruction, sit back, straighten the head and back and begin to create. Because to draw Winx in stages maybe even any aspiring artist, despite the fact that to draw people, and especially fairies, is very difficult.
In the middle of the top of the paper draw a small circle – the head of future fairies. To make it smooth, you can use a stencil. To do this you need all round the jar. Swipe in a circle a horizontal line slightly below the middle. She is smooth, use a ruler. And if not - take a piece of cardboard or folded in several layers of a sheet of paper. From the head guide curved in the right side of the neck line and torso. Draw a straight line in a place where there will be a Winx shoulders, giving them a slight slope. Draw lines of the hands, as shown in the picture for step by step instructions. Add sketchy feet.
Highlight collections and outlines of faces fairies, the outline of her hair. As a result, you should get a plump almond.
Draw small eyes, placing them on the horizontal lines of the face. In the middle put a hook on the spout, and at the level of the bend of the contour of the face, place a dash of the lips.
Wavy lines depict hair Winx fairies, spend a long curved line to its arms.
Draw the neck with two lines. Swipe the contours of the shoulder, waist and chest. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's beautiful and correctly draw the Winx, as in the cartoon, not everyone can. Your fairy is such as you want only you.
Draw beautiful hands, using line marking. Add a flower embellishment on the neck. separate the line of the corset just above her Breasts.
Add peeking out of the sleeves of her hands traced in detail the fingers. Huge hair, peering from behind the Winx. Add a line skirt starting from the waist of the girl.
Behind draw curved wings with sharp tips. Don't forget to draw a line between the strands of hair and shapes of hands.
Add the details of the skirt in the form of flower petals, as shown in the instructions. Draw the feet of fairies, highlighting the thighs and calves. This can be done by narrowing the line from the line of the end skirts to the knee, and then slightly expanding the back of the calf.
Add the fairy Winx cute shoes with high heels.
When you get to Visx draw step by step, take a softer pencil and draw the basic outlines of them by removing the eraser unnecessary detail markings. Color your drawing with colored markers, giving a magical fairy Winx bright colors. Add a beautiful background.