In the world there are big cat hybrids: liger, taygon, liligo, telegr. Of these, the largest liger – hybrid of lion and tigress. In the wild these hybrids are not fixed, because outside of zoos and circuses, lions and tigers almost never exist. The largest males ligrani currently are Sudan increase of almost four meters and Hercules growth 3 meters 70 cm. the Latter weighs a little more than 400 kg. However, the largest recorded specimen was included in the Guinness Book of records weighing nearly 800 kg. Ligers are sterile – they do not produce offspring, in contrast, females can reproduce, they produce hybrids lilir and talign, which are much smaller than their parents.
Kiara is the daughter of legacy Zita and Leo Samson was born in Novosibirsk zoo in 2004, she became the first milligram in the world. When Zita refused to nurse Kiara, educating and feeding the baby engaged in the domestic cat, Dasha.

It is noteworthy that all members of the large cat species belong to the genus Panther. However, the Panther is not a separate species, because, like albino Panthers – just leopards and jaguars with rare black and even less white. Mass their bodies can reach 115 kg on the background of this rare legrow handsome cat looks like a kitten.

The largest domestic cat

The largest breeds of domestic cat are the Maine Coon and Ragdoll. Some representatives of these breeds weigh from eight to twelve pounds, which puts them in first place among domestic cats, ever existed. Huge fluffy Maine Coon looks like a fabulous cat-Bayun, but is very sociable and affectionate, he loves his family to distraction and be wary of strangers.
Domestic cats look like Home Lynx and Pallas ' cat, fairly large specimens can reach up to 6 pounds. If your Home adapt Lynx to the contents in the house, Manul – wild cat exclusively.

The largest extinct cat

The largest representative of the cat is extinct cave lion, miracinonyx and saber-toothed tiger. However, these "dinosaurs" had gigantic size and were much smaller than modern tigers and leagrove. Scientists believe Ligers – extinct species revived in an artificial environment. Perhaps lions and tigers do not share such great distances as it is now, and the joint offspring could appear in the result of the natural meeting of representatives of these species.