You will need
  • - finger paints;
  • - paint (watercolor, gouache);
  • pencil;
  • - the markers;
  • - sketchbook;
  • - old Wallpaper.
Best of all, if the child is 3 years and is already familiar with this kind of work, like drawing. Teachers claim that acquaint the kid with a pencil (or better bright marker) starting from six months. Preferably from unobtrusive to show how to correctly hold a pencil.

The child at this age likes to touch, to smear, to RUB, so will probably be delighted by finger paints. With paper you should not skimp - you can buy a few sheets of drawing paper or get the old Wallpaper to give your baby a great space for creativity. You can also buy boards with markers that can be easily erased with an ordinary cloth.
About 1.5 years start to teach the child to draw straight lines and then simple geometric shapes - circle, square, triangle. Try all the training carried out in the form of a game. For example, don't just draw straight lines, a blade of grass, dozhdinki, not just a circle - the sun and the gingerbread man. The child will be interesting, and the learning process will be very effective. First, gently glide the hand of the baby with his hand. Gradually the kid will learn to hold the line on their own.

Don't forget about the coloring. Many children interest in painting begins with them.
Kids love the different "techniques" of drawing. The simplest way is to DAB the brush with paint on paper. Thus it is possible to draw rain, petals of flowers, rays of sun, the leaves on the trees, fish and more.
Most often, the children paint with watercolors and gouache. But remember that gouache gives a more vivid color than watercolor, so many kids more like gouache. Do not force the child what to draw. Even if your child always limited to just one ballpoint pen, so it must be so. Of course, to acquaint the kid with new capabilities and techniques is necessary, but it should be done delicately, in a fun way.
If by three years the baby is not familiar with the painting, do not worry. It is still possible to catch up. It is necessary to begin all with the same simple straight lines and simple shapes. Get ready for a long time, you need to draw with the baby or at least to sit next to him. Idyllic picture when the child is sitting at their table peacefully and quietly draws another masterpiece that will not be soon, but only after the baby firmly master the basic skills.