To draw a Bunny Babe from the game, draw a large neat circle in the center of a sheet of paper. If you find it difficult to draw circles with a pencil, try to do it with a compass.
Divide the circle in half with a vertical line. Make another division, having horizontal features. You get a circle with a cross in the middle. This cross is the markup for placing the eyes, nose and ears Smeshariki.
Looking at the picture, draw the intersection of scribing lines, a round black nose of the hare. Above it, add two large oval eyes with a little bit pushed to the center of the pupils black. Draw two curved eyebrows so that one was a little higher than the other. Add the rabbit from Smeshariki widely smiling mouth, and two sharp teeth.
Draw two large ear, small front paws with her fingers and feet into the shoes. Paint your Smeshariki blue.
If you want to draw other cartoon characters in stages in pencil, you will only need this instruction and pictures for drawing.
Start drawing the other game should be exactly the same. Only the Hedgehog, for example, add glasses and spiky hair, Losasso – horns, large nose and small ears, Crow – beak, the butterfly on the neck and the bird's feet.