Methods of persuasion

Ways to get the desired offset very much. It all depends on what the student is able to achieve the result, and the nature and mood of the teacher. It can be strict or lenient, cheerful or gloomy, in principle, indifferent, or he simply may be in a bad mood. The most effective methods of persuasion are divided into 2 categories. It is a safe and risky ways.

Safe ways to convince the teacher

If you attended all the classes, even sometimes answered the questions and performed the job, but you got a difficult ticket or a ticket that you just don't have time to learn to use the method of direct impact. Before the teacher should be confident to tell him that for a long time and had carefully studied the subject, but just no luck. The main thing that the teacher did not notice even a drop of hesitation in your actions and words. On the exam you need to dress in a restrained style, not slutty or vulgar. Go for the change we need in the first five, as it almost always go strong and confident students. Before the exam try to read the most basic, interesting and accurate facts about the subject not to remain silent before the teacher, but simply to show that the subject you know, but the stars today are not on your side.

Can you explain that you work and the welfare of your family depends on you, so don't have time to learn the subject.

If you are a girl, you can shed a few tears, to explain to the teacher that you have difficult family circumstances, being dumped by a boyfriend or husband, health problems, etc..
In terms of credits is always lucky for pregnant girls. Teachers are afraid to annoy them and, as a rule, marking is not even deserved.

Risky ways

You can give a teacher gift, or holiday gift. No matter what the holidays have already passed. Buying candy and brandy, then Packed them in a bag with Santa Claus or the snow Maiden. Go to the Department, find your teacher and explain that you have problems with the subject. Give a gift, and how many stars on the bottle, the same will be evaluated.

Usually, the chair is always something you want. Especially expensive textbooks. Teamed up with several students, a simple way you can solve their problems with the subject.
By mutual agreement of the teacher and students to solve problems in a simple way the whole group completely. The negotiations should go warden team.

If the teacher works at the Department and even his wife, to look after her. Present her gift, and explain your problem. Maybe she'll soften and persuade the careless husband put you off. You can try to become her lover, then this test, all subsequent tests and exams, you are guaranteed.