The entrepreneur has to issue the order on reduction of number or staff, as well as the order approving the new staffing.
Notice of the impending dismissal and compensation. The entrepreneur is obliged to notify employees about the reduction and to pay the statutory compensation, only if the employment contract with the employee. This view prevails in the judicial practice. Although some courts still hold the view that the employees of the SP are entitled to receive notice of dismissal in connection with reduction and payment of appropriate compensation.
The employer has to offer vacant positions to the employee that correspond to his qualifications and health condition. It must be done in writing. If vacant posts are not available, then this will also need to notify the employee.
The notification to the employment service of the redundancies. Such notice the entrepreneur shall send 2 weeks prior to the date of dismissal.
After conducting the above procedures, you must order the termination of the employment contract with the employee and communicate it to an employee. In day of dismissal to give the employee work record and to perform the full calculation.