The most beautiful women in the world

In a huge variety of names surveys have highlighted the most beautiful women in the world – Anna, which proudly carry about a hundred million women. The name is very common.

Anna is a Hebrew name that means "merciful". His mistress fair soft it gives character and endurance, a good memory and firm your own opinion. The name is found in different countries: in the Slavic countries – Anna, Ana, Hana, Hanna, in English-speaking countries – Ann, Hannah and Anne, Hanna.

Europe calls the beautiful name Maria easy listening and has many meanings.
Translated from Hebrew it means "beloved", "bitter", "stubborn".

What do men from different countries about the beauty of the female name?

Russian men called the most beautiful names – Anastasia, Ekaterina, Viktoria, Natalya, Tatiana, Xenia.

The choice, according to their responses made on the basis of delicate sound and a feminine name. The most beautiful name – Anastasia origin – Greek. Means "resurrected".
Used to be a name used in the noble families.

Nature is very persistent and sociable, jealous, these girls know how to draw attention to themselves.

Lovers of old Russian female names I think are beautiful names Milena, Lada, Bronislaw, Lyubava, as these names conveys the characteristic features of Slavic women.

The beauty of women's names in Islam is the gentle sound and the features that are important in this belief: Jamila translates as "beautiful," Abeer means "fragrance", Afaf is "chastity" – everyone has their own values.

Beautiful female names among the Jews, speaking in Yiddish, is called a translation of lyrical subjects of love: "flower" gives the name of the bloom, the definition of "favorite" is the name Liebe, rose in the name sounds like a Bet, and the adjective "sweet" is the name of Sisl.

The Spaniards traditionally have many names, but they have singled out as the most beautiful female names, Maria, Carmen, Camila. Definitions of beauty in this country is based on religion.

Italian female names wander around the world, but the Italians themselves think of the beautiful names of Lucretia, Vanda, Violette.

The names of the German women are most often double, of religious origin, but in Germany called the best names Kate, Anne-Marie, Marlene, Heinz.

The beauty of a name – this is a nice set of sounds in any language that accompanies the person all his life. If relatives, friends, acquaintances you can't blame the woman, and her name from generation to generation acquires a great reputation.