The simplest recipe apricot liqueur

There are many ways of making apricot liqueur. The simplest dilution ready-made jam from apricots with alcohol.

To prepare this drink you will need:
apricot jam;
vodka or alcohol.

Bone fruits when cooking jam should be extracted, but extracted from their kernels can be used together with pulp. Ready jam filled with high-quality pure vodka or alcohol in a ratio of 1:1. Infused alcoholic drink about 40 days. Then a Golden thick liquid needs to be pumped. Keep it should be in tightly sealed bottles in a cool dark place.

Homemade apricot liqueur recipe No. 2

For the preparation of liqueur of apricots at home you will need the following ingredients:
- 1 kilo of apricots;
- 1.5 liters of vodka;
- 500 grams of sugar;
- 3 Bud cloves;
sugar - to taste.

You will also need the inventory:
- three-liter jar with a nylon cover;
- gauze;
- glass bottles for storing the finished drink.
Store the homemade liqueur made from apricots best in the refrigerator. Unlike, for example, egg liqueur, this drink does not deteriorate even after 1 year of preparation.

This alcoholic beverage is not necessary to search and select fruit of certain varieties and sizes. Perfect any ripened fruit. For liquor you can use slightly perespevshey of the fruits, which are often prepared jam. This is most important if you are growing apricots, and buy them at the grocery market or in the shop, because perespevshy fruits are cheaper.

So, the technology of making apricot liqueur. Thoroughly rinse the fruit, remove the seeds, then cut the fruit into quarters. Put the apricots in a jar volume of 3 liters and fill them with vodka. Adding clove Bud, cover with gauze the neck of the banks and steep alcoholic beverage at room temperature for 3 days.
Apricot liqueur is served usually for dessert. He was particularly fond of ladies as it is very pleasant to the taste and moderately sweet.

After 3 days, close the jar nylon cover. Store the apricot liqueur in a cool, dark place for approximately 30 days. After 1 month, remove the jar, remove the lid and add a sugar. Then again, close the jar, shake well and leave for 1 month in a cool dark place.

After 2 months of steeping your liqueur of apricots ready. It remains only to strain it through cheesecloth, and then pour into glass bottles.

Cocktail recipe with apricot liqueur "Summer evening"

Also there are many cocktails with a liqueur made from apricots. Your attention is invited to one of them. For the preparation of alcoholic beverage "Summer evening" you will need the following ingredients:
- 50 ml apricot liqueur;
- 50 ml champagne;
- 50 ml pineapple juice;
- 15 ml of fruit syrup;
- few slices of pineapple;
- 30 ml tonic;
- a few ice cubes.

Having prepared everything necessary to start making a cocktail with apricot liqueur. Now, fill the beaker in the following sequence: first you put ice on the bottom, then slices of pineapple syrup and pour over these ingredients the liquid components.

Any moment now you will be able to enjoy one-another with a glass of liqueur or make it into a cocktail. But if you are fond of baking pastries and cakes, you can use the apricot liqueur for the impregnation of cakes or pies.