For the recognition of the error of the accounting is necessary to prove that it was committed in the application of mathematical operations in the calculation process. In this case we are talking about the wrong application of the rules of mathematics.
All other errors in the calculation of wages are recognized as technical (for example, application of the incorrect tariff rate or salary). It is important to note that in the event of a dispute with an employee on this issue, the employer will need to prove in court the presence of the counting error.
The employer may withhold too accrued salary, if the employee does not contest this holding. This must be done within one month from the date of occurrence of debts.
Receive from the employee a written consent to a deduction from wages. This document is drawn up in free form. It is necessary to reflect the agreement of the employee to hold his ground.
Publish the order on hold. Standardized format there is no such order, so it can be in free form. The order should reflect the following points:
1) the grounds for deductions from wages;
2) the size of the holding;
3) the consent of the employee base and the size of the deduction.