The first failed marriage

Masha Malinovskaya was born and educated in Smolensk. After high school, she went to College and almost simultaneously in a modeling Agency. Began a rapid career growth in the fashion business, and Mary decided to move to Moscow.

In the capital Malinovskaya met her first husband – Sergey Protasov. However, the tale of family life seemed not long. At the request of the wife Mary was carrying across the border of a large sum of money, and when the guards she was detained and sent to prison, turns out to rescue his wife from the prison Sergei is not going to.

Almost overnight the girl loses everything – family, apartments, money and work. Masha lives with her friends and starts looking for a new way of earnings. On the advice of a friend she is casting presenters. So she appeared on MTV. The Director begins to receive numerous proposals, it recognized on the streets, inviting the brightest capital measures. Gradually Mary becomes a real socialite.

The second error

In 2009, all the glossy magazines were full of news of "Masha Malinovskaya getting married". Lover of the beautiful leading was Denis Davitashvili. The pair have set a wedding date, many sources began to talk about the pregnancy of Mary. But this marriage ended just a few years.

Periodically, the press carried numerous articles about the fact that the family was Crazy constantly there are scandals, beatings and infidelity. In addition, it was found that the ex-girlfriend of Denis pregnant. Family idyll ended in another divorce.

Short novels

Two marriages private life of Masha Malinovskaya not limited. After the first marriage partner Masha became a rapper Taras, and recently next to a socialite a young hockey player Ruben Begones.
Traditional wedding gift in the life of Masha Malinovskaya is a car. Such surprises she received three times.

In addition, in the life of Masha was a failed marriage with the owner of a large company – Evgeny Morozov. For unknown reasons the wedding was canceled virtually at the last moment.

Favorite male

After prolonged unsuccessful attempts to establish a personal life, Masha Malinovskaya decided on the crucial step – the birth of a child. About father son Masha for a long time nothing was known.

In one interview, Mary said that the child she gave birth to a Chechen businessman whose name did not consider it necessary to disclose to the public. After Malinovskaya became a mother, her life changed again. The girl regained a natural appearance, became less to appear on secular parties, and all the free time it gives the most beloved man – son Miron.
Masha Malinovskaya appeared in several movies and was the author of the book "Men as machines".

Now Masha Malinovskaya - member, actress, presenter, businessman. In addition, "Macha" became known as a DJ and started singing.