You will need
  • - direct and circumstantial evidence of bribery;
  • - support of power structures.
Determine what is considered to be a bribe from the point of view of the law. A bribe taken by an official of money, material goods or any of services aimed at obtaining personal gain.
Once in the situation in which the officer or other representative of the government declining to pay a bribe, you should immediately contact the police and report the extortion. Of course, the investigation will not start, because at the moment there will be no crime. However, the inspection in this institution will be provided.
If the bribe has already been given, what to do? Already after committing the crime, the person is aware that he became a giver. In such a situation, submit a statement to the Prosecutor about the fact of transfer of money. In this case, the Complainant is the only witness that from the point of view of the law is indirect evidence and does not contribute to excitation of criminal case.
To prevent and to prove a bribe, podstrahuet. If the extortionist assigns a certain amount transfer the money the next day, having made an appointment again, ostensibly to discuss the details or to withdraw money from the account. At the meeting, make an audio or video recording, where it is clearly audible, as is the amount of the bribe, or seen as extortionist writes the sum on a sheet of paper, takes the money from his hand, counts them.
Contact law enforcement agencies with the available direct evidence of extortion.
If the money had not been transferred, the police marked bills intended to bribe. When transferred to the hands of these funds are indisputable evidence for the criminal case.
In any case, a payer prepares the statement and acts as a witness in the bribery. Complete all the necessary formalities.