What occupations are associated with travel

Occupations that are associated with travel, quite a lot. It is the stewards, conductors, guides and persons accompanying groups, athletes who are constantly traveling to competitions, heads of children's travel clubs, archaeologists, geologists etc. the Profession is so diverse that everyone can choose for themselves the interesting activity.
Wanderlust can speed, if you ride constantly on the same route. It is also necessary to consider when choosing a specialty.

Work and travel - which profession is better to choose

The choice of work depends on how often you want to travel. If only two or three trips a year, you should not choose the profession of a guide, conductor, steward. These people spend in traveling all my life, almost never being home. Flights and tour groups are to each other, the pace of life becomes quite stressful and energetic. Not everyone under force. Besides have to communicate with lots of different people, and they are not always quiet and friendly.

To a professional sport that can afford to travel a lot, you also need to have a predisposition. Move to a different country only those who have reached certain heights. It is impossible without certain traits like stress tolerance, and desire to overcome oneself, the desire to be the best, etc. in addition, there must be a physical predisposition to a particular sport. Only then can we reach the first places of the podium.
Travel is very important in good physical shape. It so happens that after hours of flight you should immediately get to work, this is not just survive.

If you desire to constantly travel, you can choose the profession of Manager in tourism company, archaeologist, geologist, engineer specific expertise. Those who chose these classes, traveling from time to time. The Manager of travel Agency two or three times a year can go in a promotional tour, during which will present new hotels, show you what excursions appeared. To pay for accommodation in hotels and transfers in this case have often taken the money only for the plane ticket. But it can pay the organization that runs the Manager.

Serious profession - archaeologist, a geologist, an engineer in the oil industry require some training. Profile Institute when applying for the work required. Better to go there by calling. These works are quite complex, and not always well paid. But they are really useful, interesting and can bring lots of positive emotions.