What is the estimate

Any construction work – from the construction of large industrial facilities until the repairs in the apartment, require budgeting. This document, which takes into account all the necessary construction materials and their cost, as well as the upcoming construction, installation and finishing works and prices. The person far from the building, of course, will not manage to make even an estimate of repair in his own apartment, to say nothing about how to develop this document to the construction site of the industrial or civil purposes.

Well-written estimate is, in fact, a complete and detailed description of all processes that will be used for the construction of an object. As a rule, it is compiled on the basis of a draft developed by an architect or an engineer designer. The surveyor must correctly take into account not only operating in the particular case of pricing, but also existing building regulations. As a result, the customer receives a document in which to make an accurate calculation of each stage of construction and provides the total cost is estimated.
The estimator can become, the specialty "Industrial and civil construction" or "Urban development", training conducted in architectural institutions and construction technical schools.

The qualification requirements that apply to the estimator

Engineer or technician-estimator must have a construction education in order to imagine the technology of each stage of construction. In addition, the need to finish special courses or retraining in the area of "Pricing and budget normalization in construction". These courses should be held regularly, not less than 5 years, because the building is constantly introducing new materials and new technologies.
Typically, when hiring, take into account and work experience quantity surveyor, his experience in this profession.

In addition, the estimator must know the laws and regulations in the field of urban planning and sectoral normative and methodological documents in the sphere of pricing and budget normalization. The main documents that will need to be sure to include the SNiP – construction norms and regulations acting on the territory of Russia. The estimator must know the order of development, coordination and approval of project documentation, design basics. In doing so, he must understand the fundamentals of accounting and taxation, Economics and construction management, labor legislation and safety regulations.