The essential oil can have on the nails complex effect - it will strengthen the plate, and its power and even treatment. Restoring nail when using essential oils takes a lot of time, but gives good lasting effect. However, first improvements can be noticed immediately.

What oils are used to strengthen nails

If your nails exfoliate and break down, this means that the body literally yells that he's not okay. And you must help him to correct this problem. It should be remembered that the impact should be comprehensive - not only inside but also outside. Experts say: to solve the problem with brittle nails helps the essential oils. However, only some of them.

For example, a leader in the rankings of essential oils that helps to strengthen your nails is lemon oil. It is most often included in the composition for the care of hands and nails. Its main advantages - antibacterial and antiseptic effects. In addition, oil of lemon helps to whiten nails, promotes healing of the cuticles and gives nails a Shine.
Very useful lemon oil is the ladies who love colorful nail polishes. It is known that such coloring tools leave the nails yellow. And the lemon oil helps to minimize this harm.

No less good in terms of giving Shine to nails oils of grapefruit and orange. Another well-known and popular tool in the fight for beautiful nails is ylang-ylang. Only one drops below the nails become stronger, thicker and more beautiful. Often is the oil used for polishing nails.

Bergamot oil is similar in its characteristics with lemon. It also protects the plate against bacteria and prevents inflammation due to improperly clipped or torn cuticles hangnail.

Geranium essential oil moisturizes the skin of the finger around the nail bed. As a result, the cuticle stays optimally hydrated, while burrs disappear. In addition, this oil can add Shine to even very dull nails. If you want to moisturize the nail plate, it is better to choose eucalyptus oil - it retains moisture in the plate.

Rosemary oil is suitable for those who not only want to strengthen nails, but also to breed them.It has antiseptic properties, making it an indispensable tool during the procedure of edging manicure.

Essential oil of tea tree has a special place in the list of tools used when carrying out a manicure. It is and antiseptic, and as a means of regenerating the nails and cut the cuticle. In addition. it is a great antioxidant.

Sea buckthorn oil is another great remedy that helps to restore and cure the nails. One thing to keep in mind that it is very easily soiled. So apply it with caution.

How to apply oil to strengthen nails

First you need to choose the oil with which you will treatment to your nails. To focus on this issue should be solely on your preferences in scents.
Remember that professionals make a mixture of nail oil with other oils for this purpose are not intended. Sometimes this combination gives a much ore powerful effect.

Also, remember that all essential oils in pure form is not used. They definitely need to plant base oils are peach, almond, jojoba, etc.

To care for your nails using oils in different ways. One of them is to add oil to the hand cream. Just add a few drops of cream and apply it on hands, massage in thoroughly and enjoy the aroma and effect. To do this procedure every time you use the cream.

Alternatively, it is possible to do baths for hands. For this you will need sea salt, warm water, butter and a special container. First, drip oil into salt (will be enough and 3 drops), and then pour all the water. Put in a container of hands and hold for about 15 minutes. Then remove hands, wipe and smear with a fat cream.

Also can make a special mask for your nails. And the main its advantage is that it is of the most simple and affordable products. For example, you can take a boiled potato and a tablespoon of cream of average fat content. Grind all together and mix in a blender, add butter and apply on hands. Keep the mixture should be 20 minutes.

The answer to the question: how many procedures for recovery of the nails depends on the condition of your nails. Worse than them, the longer they will have to work with them. But that is no reason to be sad. Because aromatherapy is so wonderful uplifting! And how many ladies she regained her confidence!!