1. To start creating the garden "cork" track should collect the material – that is, the colored tubes. The more of them will be able to gather up, the more interesting work pattern. Tubes need very much, so can be connected to the collection of material friends and relatives, and it is better to start this process long before the onset of the summer season.

2. Development of the pattern. You can, of course, put the tube in a chaotic manner – in the diversity of colors also has its own "flavor". However, it would be much more interesting if the tubes are put into a pattern. Moreover, if the pattern will consist of repetitive elements, the track can be done gradually, as and when required number of tubes. The element of the pattern is better to pay before you start working on a future track or on any flat surface, keeping the size of the width of the track.

3. You will need to mark the track: to drive pegs, pull the rope to remove the turf. If a dirt track is already there, then the problem is simplified. The ground at the scene of the track need to dig, level and compacted. Next, you can use two ways of making cork track.
In the first case, on the track you need to build a sand layer of 3 cm, moisten it and proceed to the placing of the pattern, tightly driving each tube in the sand and tamping. Then put a wooden Board and tapped with a hammer to perfectly level the surface. After completion of the installation of the traffic path need to moisturize. However, such a path will not be durable – after some time, the individual tubes start to break out of the pattern.
The second method allows you to track more strong and durable. Instead of sand you need to use a mixture of cement and sand (1:4), diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream. The rest of the process of making tracks is the same. It should be borne in mind that the grout dries quickly, so cook and pour it on the track it is necessary slowly. To track was more accurate, it is possible to make a timbering from boards.

The production paths of the tubes will require a lot of effort, patience and time. But the result is worth it! It's so nice to create beauty with their hands!