Tips for dealing with black spots

If on the nose there are black spots and streaks, you should daily consume a larger quantity of water, thereby normalize metabolic processes of the skin.

Eliminate the lack of sleep and stress, which lead to the deterioration of the skin and blackheads. The optimal amount of time for sleep – 8 hours.
Female body for a good sleep of 8-10 hours is required.

Balanced meals nourishes the body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements, which favorably affects the skin and internal organs. It is necessary to include in the diet foods high in fiber, as they promote the natural cleansing of the body from harmful toxins. It is recommended to avoid refined foods and semifinished products. From natural products and fresh fruits and vegetables the body gets much more benefit.

Watch purity of skin. During the day the skin accumulates huge quantity of microbes, dust particles, the sebaceous secretions that clog pores and provoke acne and blackheads. Before bed it's necessary to remove makeup residues, which does not allow the skin to breathe.

Home remedies against black dots

Cleanser is needed to remove dead skin cells and blackheads on the nose. You can purchase ready-made cosmetic products that contain abrasive substances. Also clean the skin and to eliminate black spots possible in the home, using fairly simple tools.

The most simple homemade scrub to clean the skin is a mix of sea salt with honey. A thick paste is applied on the nose area, which often appear black spots, then rinse with cool water. This tool allows you to remove the dead skin cells, open pores and improve nutrition. After the scrub is recommended to apply any moisturizer.

To remove black spots you can use baking soda, which must be diluted with water to form a creamy slurry. This mixture massage the nose for 2-3 minutes and rinse with water.
Soda mask can not be kept for more than 5 minutes, as it can negatively affect the skin.

To remove black spots will help the oatmeal scrub. For its preparation will need 1 tsp oatmeal, 1 tsp sea salt and 1 tsp of honey. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to problem skin areas. For dry skin you can add to the mix a small amount of olive oil.

With black dots we recommend to wipe the face diluted in water with lemon juice. This remedy additionally cleans away impurities, lightens dark spots.

In no case do not squeeze the black dots on their own, as this often leads to skin inflammation, acne, the formation of blue welts on the skin.