On extra place, the employee may work no more than 4 hours during the day.
Part-time can work all day if he is free from work. But at the same time work part-time still cannot exceed half of the monthly norm of working time. The employer should monitor the implementation of this condition. At the conclusion of the employment contract with part-time workers will reflect in it the criteria for determining the duration of working time, days and hours of work of part-time workers.
The employee may depart from the constraints of working time referred to above, in the following cases:
- if it does not work at the main place in connection with the delayed payment of salaries for more than fifteen days;
- if he was suspended from employment at main place of work for medical reasons.
Minimum working hours for part-time labor laws are not installed.
In addition to the obligation to work on an additional job, part-time and has the right to rest. Part-time must provide annual paid leave. To obtain the employee must work 6 months for additional work.
Note that the leave granted to the worker simultaneously with the release of the principal place of work. The employee in this case should be sent to work part-time document confirming the registration of his vacation for the main job (extract from the vacation schedule, a copy of the order on granting vacation, etc.). Part-time may apply to the employer a statement of grant of leave without pay if his vacation on a primary place of employment was longer than a vacation at an additional place.