Parents can conclude an agreement about how to exercise their parental rights the child's father. Such an agreement is in writing. It is possible to specify when and how often the father can see the child, how much to spend time with him, how will the meeting in the presence of his mother or without her, you can determine that the child will be spending the holidays with my dad.
If parents cannot come to an agreement on this issue, it is necessary to consider in court. The father may apply to the district court at the place of residence of the mother of a child with a statement of claim about a recognition of parental rights. This petition must specify the proposed order of communication with the child. The statement of claim, attach a receipt confirming payment of the state fee (200 rubles), birth certificate of baby, marriage certificate or divorce papers and other documents that confirm the arguments and facts presented in the lawsuit (e.g., a certificate about Your income). Link to sample statement of claim are listed below.
If You believe that Your child should live with You, then You need to go to court with a claim about determination of the place of residence of the child.