The labour Inspectorate. Write down the complaint with a request to restore Your rights. In the complaint, enter your details (name, address) and details of employer (name, legal address, actual address), the arrears of wages. The labour Inspectorate may make an order directing the employer to eliminate violations of labour legislation, which is obligatory for execution. The state labour Inspectorate in Moscow, is located at the address: 115582, Moscow, Domodedovskaya ul., d. 24, korp. 3. In addition, the letter can be sent in electronic form (the link to send the letter in electronic form is below).
Procurator. You can write a complaint to the Prosecutor's office to apply to the court for the protection of Your rights violated, then in court Your interests will be represented by the Prosecutor. In addition, the Prosecutor can file a petition to Institute criminal proceedings against the head of the organization, if in arrears more than 3 months.
Court. Go to court with a claim for the recovery of wages. The claim can be filed in court within 3 months from the moment when You learned about the violation of their rights, that is, after non-payment of wages in the terms established in Your organization is leaking this time. In addition to recovery of unpaid wages, You can claim penalty interest and compensation for moral damages.