Historical etiquette tea party

Try to pay attention to how you drink tea removed the spoon from the mug or not and generally take her for tea. Some are familiar with such scenes from old Comedy films, when a person drinks tea from a Cup, and from it sticking the spoon. But in fact, in the old days, tea was offered to men in the glass glasses on the coasters, and it was thought that the spoon out of the Cup to remove is not necessary. This was in order to drink tea was not so hot, in other words that the tea cooled quicker. While women served tea in cups on a saucer and etiquette they had mixed the sugar, remove the spoon on the saucer, because the Cup of tea cooled quicker. It is also known that ladies in the old days, drinking tea from a clay saucer, but now it is also considered indecent.

A modern take on the tea party

Over time, many traditions and attitudes are outdated, so I changed the attitude of the tea party. However, even now, to leave the spoon in the mug while drinking tea is considered bad manners. But for some the question arises: why? After all, in front of people arises such a problem – where to put the spoon, pulling it from the mug. Put the spoon on the table not aesthetically pleasing, because it will stain from the tea. Of course, it was not bad to clean the spoon on the saucer, but not for a regular tea take the tea saucer.
Most often, a saucer on which it is possible to put the spoon, there is only when people drink tea with cake.

Another reason for unethical drinking tea with a spoon in a glass is the following. You tilt the mug to take a SIP, and spoon begins to roll in a circle, beating at the edges, uttering loud sounds.

Modern parodists also make fun of this habit, drink tea with a spoon in the glass. They say that only Russian people drink tea, and spoon it pokes him in the eye and instead remove it, he begins to blink and continues to drink. Similar stage the joke is not entirely a joke, because some people actually, so drink tea, although they try to hold the spoon between your finger and the mug.
Now imagine that the spoon can break and pour the boiling water directly into drinking tea person. Of course, it is possible to burn. So better get a Cup and spoon to avoid this situation.

It is also said that drinking tea without removing the spoon from the mug, it is considered bad luck. Some believe that this habit leads to a lack of money. Others believe that if the girl takes out a spoon from a mug, she will never marry.