Stylists advise to combine stylish bright turquoise pants with shirts or blouses in white, complementing them with accessories in the color of the pants. Get easy way with one bright piece, it will be equally appropriate at a business meeting and walking with friends. Well in tune with turquoise, all shades of brown.

If you wish to create a bright summer look with turquoise pants will look original coral color. White color will add some spice to this interesting scheme. Purple, purple, yellow - these colors combine with turquoise careful, because you can overdo it, then get a awkward way. Even stylists don't approve of the combination in clothes turquoise and black colors. Exception - when all the parts of the wardrobe are black, except the pants. Then turquoise pants become a bright accent.

That cleared a bit the situation with intense color. What to wear a bright turquoise pair of pants? There will be appropriate top juicy blue or green, but this way you want to accessorize! They can be green blue or neutral white. Even with the turquoise pants look good accessories gold, copper, metal and silver.

Possible women's turquoise pants should be worn with shoes with heels. Stylists advise to choose pants and shoes the color to color.

It turns out that turquoise is the color of the chameleon, which if desired can be combined with other colors. So, with turquoise trousers, you can create stylish images!