You will need
  • - manganese;
  • magnesium;
  • - the file;
  • - cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • - matches;
  • - thread.
First we need to get somewhere a piece of magnesium. It should be thoroughly crushed to the state of the chip. It is difficult to make, try to use the file. Say it with a file to get the highest quality, small chips. The resulting powder should be mixed with potassium permanganate at a ratio of two to one, that is two parts of magnesium powder should be one part of manganese.
Now take some cardboard, not too thick, you can walk and the old postcard. Take a pencil or pen, and tightly wrap around the subject carton. After that you will be the tube. One end you need to bend and carefully attached. For this you can use regular thread or tape. Now pour into a tube an explosive mixture of magnesium and manganese. Keep the mixture as close as possible filled case, depends on the quality of the future bombs. Leave some extra space, fold the second the tip of the tube again and carefully fasten.
In the centre of the filled tube make a small hole, its diameter should be approximately two millimeters. Take a match, scour them with a little nitrate and place it in the prepared hole. Don't skimp, nitrate should not be too small. Now take a couple of matches, attach it to your tube the bomb so that the head of one of the matches tightly closed hole. The rest of the matches should be placed next to the first, adhering tightly to her. This is all preparatory steps are completed, the bomb was ready.
Now you can go directly to the detonation of bombs. In this case, as the wick used matches. Carefully ignite the furthest from the hole match and immediately throw a Cannonball as far as possible. Do not hesitate, it affects your safety. If you did everything correctly, the bomb will explode.