If you want to become a good guy in order to please their parents, just start to do good deeds. Do some study, find yourself a useful hobby, for example, you can enroll in the volleyball section, or any other sport. Come back home on time. Try to show attention and care towards their parents. Concern yourself about their day, ask about how they feel and if they need any help. Spend more time at home. Enjoy mom and clear the dishes after dinner. If you are going to behave that way, believe me, parents will be delighted to tell all my friends about what a good boy they raised.
If you're trying to please not only parents but also his girlfriend, you can become a good guy for her. For this you just need to take care of her, to show her attention and respect. Give her flowers, go on dates, come home. The girls came up with a list of what I have to do a good man, namely, he should be able to listen, to know when to shut up, to be able to speak properly, to be able to find a new topic of conversation when the star has exhausted itself, to be able to guess the desires of his beloved and execute them. In addition, they believe that a man must always protect his mate, to be able to stand up for themselves and clearly Express their thoughts and properly explain exactly what he wants in one time or another from his girlfriend.
In addition to simple rules of conduct, you must fully support the image of a good guy, completing the image of the correct clothing. Good guys do not prefer sneakers and track suit, jeans, shirts, pants, sweaters, elegant and clean shoes. Try to always look neat and tidy, to behave correctly, and then all the others will consider you as a good guy.