If you are in your own apartment – way receipts for utilities or phone bills: as a rule, there is a full address, including postcode.
Go to the nearest post office: in each of these has a Handbook that contains information about the service areas of all post offices of Russia. As a rule, it is the employees engaged in the acceptance of parcels and registered letters (they often have to specify the indexes). Just give your address and ask them to dictate a postcode.
Find information about the indexes and on the Internet: it is not a secret, but quite popular. Therefore, there are a number of sites where you can find the code at. The information presented on them, the same, and the principle of work with the database indexes are similar.
If you use a nationwide database of indices, first select the region and city where you are, and then in the alphabetical list – the letter or number that begins the name of the street on which you live. Then on the opened page, find the name of the street. Next to its name will be written in a six digit code – it matches your mailing address.
Quite often, houses located in the same street are served by different post offices have different indexes. In this case, the database will list several indexes and each one will be listed. As a rule, first the letter "H" or "H" (odd or even house numbers), then the range of numbers. For example, "Lermontov H(80-152), N(93-131) – 644001" means that this index applies to all even-numbered house numbers 80 to 152, inclusive, and even from 93 to 131 inclusive.