Advice 1: How to delete a page in Twitter

Sometimes the amount of information begins to absorb humans and causes the need to reduce the number of its sources. One of the ways of solving the problem is to keep away from social networks.
How to delete a page in Twitter
First you need to open your twitter account in the window of any browser. Next, click the mouse on the icon "Settings and help" once. In the drop-down menu, select the line "Settings". You will see the settings page of your account.
On the left are given a choice of several tabs: "Account", "Security and privacy", "Password", "Phone", "email Notification", "Profile", "Design", "Apps", "Widgets". Are you interested in "Account". Scroll to the bottom and find a link "Delete my account", click on it once.
In the opened window, click on the blue button "Delete account @/your nickname/", then you will be prompted to enter your current password. You will then receive a message that your account is deleted. Also, this message produblirovat to your email.
If you change your mind to delete your account, simply log in to twitter within 30 days after removal – the social network keeps the data of your account within one month after your removal request. In addition, if you want to use a nickname to create another account on the social network Twitter or register a new account on a specified in the account email, before deleting the unwanted account, change the nickname and/or email data. Otherwise you will not be able to use them to remove the account during the month after removal.
If you want to change the username or URL of your twitter account is not necessary to delete the account and create a new one. Just go to the tab "Account" and replace them there. After changing the account data the system will require you to input the current password. To change the current email will require not only a password but also a confirmation through e-mail, and sent a request for confirmation will be on the old e-mail.

Advice 2 : How to retire from Twitter

You are tired of communicating on Twitter? Tired of the constant notifications and personal messages? Or just want to start a new life? Everyone has their own reason to retire from Twitter. Some then come back, and someone is gone forever. At first glance, to delete your account is not so easy, but in fact everything is done very quickly.
Retiring from Twitter, you will lose communication, but will gain a lot of free time

Delete Twitter account

To delete your account simply. But it can be done only in the full version of the website. So if you have finally decided to retire from Twitter, you need a computer or laptop.

In the mobile version of the site or mobile applications to delete your account in the microblogging service will not work. When you try to open the full version of the website with mobile devices (including tablets), the site automatically translates in a stripped-down mobile version.

What to do if you have no opportunity to go to Twitter from your computer or laptop? You can, for example, to use the mobile version of Google Chrome, where is the option "upgrade to full version of website".

So, you somehow came to the full version of the site Now you only need a little.

Click "hex" in the upper right corner of the screen (between the envelope and a feather) in the popup menu, click on "Settings". The opened page should scroll to the end, then at the very bottom of the screen you will see a button "Remove my account".

Just press the confirmation button on the page and everything. You retired from the tweeter.

After you delete your account you will lose all your followers!

Features of extraction from Twitter

Your data will be stored for another 30 days. That is, if during the month you change your mind to retire from Twitter, you simply go to the website for the old account and she will recover. After 30 days to recover your account afterwards.

If you want to change your user name or your address on Twitter, then you should not delete the account and register again. Simply change this on the settings page. All your mentions and followers will stay with you.

Some of your tweets can be stored in search engines. Twitter itself does not control the information indexed by the search engines.

As long as your account is completely removed (i.e. 30 days), you will not be able to use a fixed email address or username. To register again, you should either get a new mailbox or wait for the old profile not deleted completely.
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