Change the drug against the common cold. The drug you were addicted for a long time, can lose their effectivenoseth. Most drops can be used 2-3 times per day for no longer than 7 days.
Reduce the number of drops and the amount of medication taken at one time. For example, use the drops just before bedtime. Or split the same dose into two doses – morning and evening. Gradually reduce the volume to a minimum – 1-2 drops in each nostril.
Get rid of the habit to drip the medication at the first onset of symptoms laidnoseminute nose. Sometimes the dependence on drops has a psychological basis. The breath you can restore in other ways that do not cause addiction. For example, a walk in the fresh air in warm weather may well return the mucous membrane of the noseand in the normal state, enriching the body with oxygen.
Visit the doctors, if within two weeks you cannot get rid of drug dependence. Start with an examination by an otolaryngologist. He will check the condition of the mucous shell nose, sinuses, septum. After diagnosis you will be given the necessary drugs and physiotherapy, for example, electrophoresis.
Consult your allergist. It is not excluded likelynosebe that your rhinitis is allergic in nature. In this case, the main treatment will complement the antihistamines.
Use traditional medicines to ease breathing in parallel with the treatment prescribed by your doctor. A good way are the baths for feet with added mustard or eucalyptus essential oil.
Warm up the maxillary sinus. This will rascality coarse salt on a dry pan, quickly pour in a cotton bag and attach it to the nose. Or hot wrap boiled eggs in a soft cloth and keep the pennoseitzá until they floorthe noseTEW is not cool.
Wash the nose with sea salt solution several times a day. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own. After washing drip into each noseof the new course of 1-2 drops of onion juice, diluted with water in proportion 1:1.