You will need
  • - Computer with Windows.
After booting in safe mode should exit. Before you do this, check, done all the changes for which to boot to safe mode, in order not to repeat again. Just in case I also remove all floppy disks and DVD discs.
After that you will click on the "start" and send the computer to restart by pressing the respective button. In any case, do not turn off the computer tough, the power turns off. It is desirable to close all Windows.
During Windows boot, depending on the circumstances of the shutdown, you may see the inscription on the selection of the desired boot mode of the operating system. This usually happens if an incorrect work has been completed by the OS. Choose normal download mode and wait for the download to complete. If the OS or computer has been completed correctly, in accordance with the recommendations described above, then no Windows will not appear, and immediately loaded Windows normally.
Another way to exit safe mode involves running msconfig. To do this, click "start->Run", type msconfig, and in the appeared window the "General" tab locate and select the line, suggesting a normal startup of the operating system. Check it. Then restart the PC and work in standard mode.