To abandon claims you can at any time. Legislation for the consideration of this document, the deadline is 30 working days. If during this time your claim satisfied or you decide not to waste their time on trial, you can make a review of your claim.
Sometimes the contractor received the claim, seeking her opinion in court. To avoid this, properly execute the document. Necessarily apply to all claims existing evidence of a breach of your rights. You will also help witnesses of the violation in writing. All this must be notarized.
So, to revoke the claim you can by yourself or by court order. In any case, the opinion is necessary to issue accordingly. Send an email to the recipient of the claim notification. In it you must specify all the details of the claim: number of the recall letter, the date when it was written, the date of registration for admission in correspondence of the counterparty. Will notify that the said letter should be considered invalid.
Usually the email with the withdrawal of the claim contains an apology addressed to the person to whom it was directed. However, remember that you write a business letter. Avoid unnecessary words, stick to business style. Accurately and concisely report about the withdrawal of the claim, apologize.
Letter opinion claims direct strictly to the same addressee, who was sent to the sama claim. Make sure that the letter reached the addressee, has received all the necessary details as the incoming mail. It is better to send it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.
In order to be sure that the letter with the withdrawal of the claim is made correctly, it is better to seek help from a lawyer. The specialist will help you choose strong arguments for the opinion and will help to avoid counter-claims.