As a rule, such need arises due to the imposition of penalty sanctions by the state control bodies, or in the course of litigation between the two parties to the conflict over the disputed territory. The procedure of legalization of squatting depends on how and when you illegally occupied public or private land.
To make squatting of the earth, first of all, find out whether the plot in the cadastral registry. If not, transfer him to your property will not be difficult. Enough to apply to the Department of land cadastre in your region that you want to become the owner of this site.
Much more difficult is the case if the land belongs to someone, although for a long time and not used as intended. Then you have to purchase this land from the rightful owner. Another way, unfortunately, is missing.
If you don't know how to make the squatting lands, seek the help of professional lawyers who are well versed in land laws. Each case of squatting has its own nuances and characteristics, and ought to be considered separately. There is no General scheme and sequence of actions following which you can register is illegally occupied land.
In any case, if you are poorly versed in law and do not have proper education, it is better to consult the professionals. Thus, you can avoid many problems and difficulties. Depending on the complexity of the case check squatting may take some time, so be patient and trust the professionals. They know how to legalize squatting on land, and will do everything at its best.
After you have registered illegally occupied land, you will be able to build on it any structure and make alterations. Keep all the documentation on the ground in a safe place, away from prying eyes. This will allow you to if anything to sell the land to earn some money.