You will need
  • the cleansing lotion or tonic;
  • serum or moisturizer;
  • - napkin;
  • - make-up base;
  • - the sponge;
  • - compact powder;
  • - blush;
  • shadow;
  • - an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner;
  • - waterproof mascara;
  • - lipstick;
  • brush for lipstick.
For starters, clean the skin with lotion or tonic.
Then apply serum or moisturizer and leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove the left overs with a dry cloth.
Can now be applied to the face Foundation for makeup. It smoothes the complexion and the skin's surface that will hide minor flaws and make makeup persistent. To apply Foundation with sponge, in small doses.
To makeup was more persistent, stop your choice on the basis of a liquid texture. It will fall more evenly on the skin, will not roll and flow.
Wait five minutes and apply a compact powder.
Apply blush. Use blush with a powder texture, as they will stay longer.
Remove ever excess sebum. To do this, just need to powder my eyelids with loose powder.
Apply the shadow on the eyelids. To avoid such troubles, like leaking shadows, don't use creamy shadows. Give preference to dry.
Move the upper eyelid. Remember that liquid eyeliner will always be more resistant than the eyeliner.
Move the lower eyelid contour with a pencil.
Paint eye-lashes India ink. That ink did not flow, select water-resistant.
With a special brush, apply the lipstick. Blot with a tissue and apply a second coat of lipstick.