Prepare a decoction of cranberry leaves. Tablespoon of raw pour into an enamel pan, pour 200 ml of boiling water and cover. Warm the liquid over low heat for half an hour. Strain the finished broth before it cools down. Press the remaining raw materials. To make the medication less concentrated, add boiled water to the final volume of liquid turned 200 ml.
For the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract (urolithiasis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, etc.) three times a day, drink 70-100 ml of warm broth after 30-40 minutes after a meal. Before use, shake. For improvement of flavoring qualities can mix the liquid with the same amount of green tea or broth hips.
To prevent diseases of the urinary tract (pregnancy, in the period of remission after suffering inflammation, etc.) drink 50 ml of the warm decoction once a day or a tablespoon three times a day.
For the treatment of rheumatism, pour a teaspoon of lingonberry sheet with a half Cup of boiling water. Leave the liquid in the thermos for hours, and then strain it and squeeze raw materials. Drink 100 ml infusion every 6 hours.
For the treatment of gallstones drink 2 tablespoons of infusion of not less than 4 times a day. This tool is very good for flu and colds starting.
Drink tea made from cowberry leaf to strengthen the immune system. Two tablespoons of raw materials pour a liter of boiling water, let the liquid stand for about 5 minutes. Add the tea, sugar and honey to taste.