Kalanchoe is native to South Africa and Madagascar, the soil it prefers sandy soil. This plant does not like too much moisture, it is trained by evolution to harsh arid conditions, so do not fill it with water too much, otherwise the roots can rot.
In addition to the rules for watering Kalanchoe great importance is the composition of the soil. This plant requires loose soil that is freely pervious to air and water. To do this, make sure that the soil contained little peat, as it prevents ventilation. Kalanchoe in a peat environment rots and dies.
Water the flower should be rare, he calmly takes the situation where the land is almost completely dry. Much worse he has to constantly wet soil. The air is too dry loves. When you see that the upper layers of the earth quite dry, then water the plant.
In winter, Kalanchoe should be watered somewhat less than in the summer. And in the spring for him and is encouraged to make a small rest period, no irrigation.
To give the plant a rest in the early spring as soon as the flower Bud, cut all the stems, then put the pot in a shaded area. A couple of months, do not water it, it is also desirable to keep it at a temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius.
After a month or two after the start of the holiday get Kalanchoe of the foxhole, put back on a Sunny windowsill. Now it can be watered the same as always.
Useful in the summer instead of watering from time to time to arrange a fertilizer plant. Liquid fertilizer that can be purchased in gardening stores, will only benefit him.