Write the key words that you would like to say on the hair dryer. It can be common words used in life. For most of them in the hair dryer is replaced. So just build your basic vocabulary and write these phrases on paper. Better to let these phrases be a little at first, over time you will increase their number. This will greatly facilitate the process of memorising on the hair dryer.
Download or buy in the store a dictionary of criminal slang, Argo or of course give a damn about. As you can see, the names (and self) for the same concepts invented a lot, so prepare in advance for hard work, similar to learning a foreign language, with the only difference that the letter and pronunciation you learn will not have.
Take a sheet of commonly used phrases that you compiled in step 1. Find an equivalent for each word of each phrase in the dictionary. Then assemble these words into a single phrase. For example, the most common phrase for the so-called aliens and first time staying in a prison, not more than a foreigner there), the phrase "do you speak the lingo?". The translation is very simple – "got all the jargon?". In the same way translate each phrase and say it aloud to remember. This will lay the Foundation for the study of FeNi in your mind. Examples of phrases: "push the empty" - "to talk nonsense"; "the suit lay" - "it happened"; "hammer tanks" - "to lie, diverting attention from the essence".
Fenya study systematically, because, as mentioned earlier, the jargon is a foreign language. Repeat re-examined every day and try to make monologues. And, of course, try to communicate with the media – for example, with a former criminal element. Surely he will give you many valuable tips on the study give a damn, just be careful and don't try to go for her, it could be dangerous.